Are You The Smartest One in The Room?

Look around your leadership table, too many CEOs are surrounded by “yes” men and women; people who they do not fear will take their job one day; people who are one promotion beyond their capabilities; people who are tired and unwilling to work hard or change.

If you are indeed the smartest in the room full of super capable and diverse leaders, you are pretty lucky. If you are the smartest in all areas of your business, maybe you are not as smart as you think you are. If you are better financially than your CFO; and know more than your HR person; a better producer than your head of sales; and produce all the marketing material for your marketing
department, you are probably not being too smart. When do have time to be an effective CEO?

Do you really understand your job?

Next, take a look at the diversity at the table. As a Black CEO, have you chosen to only have black leadership at the table, or are you the only person of color at the table? What is the gender split? If you are not getting diverse points of view, how smart are you really being?

Hire slowly and fire quickly is a concept almost no CEOs get right. When a CEO finally lets someone go, they almost always end up regretting not having done it much sooner…

Hire slowly and fire quickly is a concept almost no CEO get right. When A CEO finally lets someone go, they almost always end of regretting not having done it much sooner, and your other leadership almost always understands and appreciates the decision.

A coach can help you look objectively at your people, and motivate you to act quickly even when it is hard to do so. Their objective, big picture point of view can help with hiring the very best people for you.

Having a top-notch CEO coach who has been there and done that, is the smart thing to do.

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