All of our coaches have been there just like you. In fact, almost all of us are still running our respective companies. We know how lonely it is at the top. The buck literally stops with us. We make decisions every day that affects people’s lives. Not only is our family counting on us, but also the families of so many others. It is a tremendous responsibility. Add to that, as a Black CEO, you are one of less than 4% of all CEOs. You may feel that your success also carries the added weight of your entire race, making your success even more vital to you and to them. We are here for you. 

We are not life coaches. We are business coaches, and our goal is to help you succeed in successfully growing your company. In fact, our greater goal is to go beyond that helping to ensure that every black CEO of every company has a top-quality CEO coach, large and small; public and private; for-profit or non-profit; boot-strapped or private equity funded; entrepreneur or hired-gun. At Beyond CEO Coaching, we are here to offer you our relevant experience and the relevant experience we have learned from others to increase your chance of success. We believe that minority CEOs play a huge role in breaking systemic racism, and we at Beyond CEO Coaching hope to be one of your sledgehammers in this effort. Ask us for a complimentary coaching session and see if our coaching is for you.

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