Who are you not to be great?

This is part of a quote from Nelson Mandela.  The larger quote is, “your playing small does not serve the world.  Who are you not to be great?”  As a Black CEO, you truly have a chance to change the world.  You can play it safe and reduce your risks and likely the rewards, or you can go big.  We at Beyond CEO Coaching want to help you to go big.  Our coaches have all gone big in their respective businesses, and they want to be there to support you.
We will help you explore you going beyond what you might currently think is your maximum potential in areas like revenue and profit goals, strategy, culture, and leadership.  We will then be there as you execute on those goals holding you accountable to your key performance indicators (KPIs)and your mission and vision.  You can be great.  You will be great.  You have a chance to change the world by virtue of your success.  How great is that?

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